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VR Cinema for Cardboard


Cardboard / OpenDive owners rejoice! Now you can watch movies on your VR display.VR Cinema app renders any MP4 video in a split-screen view suitable playback on virutal reality head mounted displays such has Google Cardboard, OpenDive,Homido ( etc.
The app also has a VR Camera function that uses front camera. Its really cool! But don't drive your car wearing your headset. Possible idea for augmented reality (AR) apps.
(Tip: For owners of Zeiss Cinemizer, Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Mophous you can use MHL or SlimPort cable to connect to your HMD's)
ToDo's coming soon for:Integration with magnet.Ability to stream online videos.More video formats.We will be adding more features and 2D to 3D conversion functions in our VR Player soon,